Mergers & Acquisitions

Our M&A practice is focused on middle market companies that are growing and profitable.
In our sell-side M&A advisory, we assist companies interested in exploring a sale or merger of all or part of their business. When approaching a transaction, we consider the full-range of client interests including price, structure, tax and legal treatment, and ongoing management and employee interests.

Our approach includes:

A Deep Review of Company Operations

Most of the companies we work with have achieved success through intense focus on their product(s) and day-to-day operations. We find that there are numerous ways to frame and package a company prior to a transaction that increase value for shareholders. With backgrounds in operations and management, the Arbor team is in a unique position to add significant value pre-transaction.

Contacting a Broad Universe of Potential Buyers

A typical bank conducting a traditional buyer analysis focuses on a short list of obvious potential buyers. Access to these buyers is important, but it is not enough. In today’s environment, we find that it is often the less obvious acquirers who are willing to stretch for creative deals that maximize shareholder value. Arbor goes the extra mile to build a comprehensive and strategic target list.

Managing the Deal Process

We know that our clients are busy running their companies because we have been entrepreneurs ourselves. In addition to screening candidates carefully, we use our deep understanding of our clients’ products and operations to answer due diligence questions at the front end of the process. It is only after potential suitors have demonstrated a high level of seriousness that we introduce them directly to the company. It is our mission to both save our clients’ time and find them the right partner.

Final Negotiation and Deal Implementation

The transaction negotiation is often the most important step of the engagement process. Arbor customizes each transaction to meet shareholder and other stakeholder interests. We balance business, legal, and financial tradeoffs in the negotiation process, and concern ourselves with every detail of the transaction. Our negotiation methodology was developed through years of research and applied work at The Harvard Negotiation Project and continues to produce superior results for our clients.