Capital Raising Advisory

Arbor has extensive experience raising capital for middle market companies. 
The Arbor team has experience raising money for their own companies and is sensitive to all of the issues and complexities involved in fundraising.

Broad Investor Network and Relationships

The Arbor team has been in the business of raising and placing capital for over 20 years and has extensive relationships with a global network of investors. In an environment where there is an abundance of capital available, it is important to identify the right partner, beyond simply raising a particular amount of money. Having reported to financial board members ourselves, we know that capital has non-financial costs as well as benefits. At Arbor, our relationships span from traditional sources like venture capital and buyout funds to less obvious partners like hedge funds, investment partnerships, family offices, and a variety of other equity and debt sources.

Investors we have worked with understand that we have an operational focus, and the fact that we continue to advise clients post-transaction is seen as a strength of our practice.

Creative Execution

Arbor has a reputation for negotiating effectively with investors. Our deal process disrupts the traditional investor-directed process, and transfers the leverage from investor to entrepreneur. We often negotiate parallel deals with multiple parties to insure that our clients are able to pick the right partner while maintaining leverage in the process. We combine the art and science of negotiation to optimize results for our clients.