Why You Should Hire an Advisor Even When You Receive Inbound Interest

Nancy Peterson | HomeStars

Hiring an advisor to help us with the M&A process was the best decision I made in selling the company I had built for 11 years.

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The Delicate Balance of Running Your Business While Completing a Transaction

Ajay Amlani | GM & EVP

The most important thing is focusing on the strategy and the operations of the business and, as a result, you will yield the best outcome in a transaction.

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Great Companies are Sold not Bought

David Rubin | ProfitFuel

We’ve all heard the cliché: “Great companies are bought not sold.” Does this statement repeated by venture capitalists really hold true?

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5 Things I Learned About the Process

David Rubin | ProfitFuel

I am often asked about what I’ve learned from the process of a sale. Here’s my top 5 list.

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Four Things Entrepreneurs Should Know About How Venture Capital Firms Work

Stan Christensen | Arbor Advisors

Not all venture firms are alike. Some are raising their 10th fund while others are investing out of their first fund. Some focus on early stage companies, while others focus on growth or later stage companies. However, they all do have one thing in common.

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How Do You Define Your Business In A Sale?

Mark Johnston | Tadpole Computer

The process of selling a company can often be a long and arduous process that requires refinement of the way you envision your own enterprise.

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Managing Board and Investor Expectations

Gary Deutsch | M5 Networks

When a deal negotiation heats up, your ability to set and manage the expectations of the Board and major investors may mean a lot.

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Walk Away With More Than Just Liquidity

Paul True | Linx Technologies

I suspect I am not entirely alone when I admit to being tight with money. Thankfully, when it came to selling the business I was blessed to get some things right.

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The Dynamic Duo: Your Banker & Legal Counsel

Reggie Norris | Clean Energy Experts

Entrepreneurs need to focus on the banker and counsel relationship to ensure that they are working in sync to plan and execute for the inevitable changes that occur throughout the negotiating and drafting process.

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How Do I Negotiate with Investors?

Stan Christensen | Arbor Advisors

In negotiation, people act on their own incentives. It should then be no surprise that some investors are self-interested when dealing with entrepreneurs.

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More Buyers Means More Leverage

Ashif Mawji | Upside Software

How you approach the market when selling a business is both an art and science. The help of an investment banker will improve your chances for success.

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