Things I Wish I Knew Prior to Selling

Cory Janssen | Investopedia

I’ve had many conversations with entrepreneurs on the subject of selling: How’d you do it? Where’d you start? Would you do it again?

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Why You Should Hire an Advisor Even When You Receive Inbound Interest

Nancy Peterson | HomeStars

Hiring an advisor to help us with the M&A process was the best decision I made in selling the company I had built for 11 years.

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Preparing for a Transaction – Things to Do Before Approaching Buyers

David Stevenson | Vice President

The more prepared you are, the better your company will look to buyers.

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Four Things Entrepreneurs Should Know About How Venture Capital Firms Work

Stan Christensen | Arbor Advisors

Not all venture firms are alike. Some are raising their 10th fund while others are investing out of their first fund. Some focus on early stage companies, while others focus on growth or later stage companies. However, they all do have one thing in common.

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How Do You Define Your Business In A Sale?

Mark Johnston | Tadpole Computer

The process of selling a company can often be a long and arduous process that requires refinement of the way you envision your own enterprise.

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Trusting Your Entrepreneurial Intuition

Andy Jacob | LeadPile

“Intuition becomes increasingly more valuable in this new information society precisely because there is so much data.”

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Take Two Bites of the Apple!

Richard MacDonald | Synergen

Manage your business from the start as if you are going to sell it. The pursuit of perfection is key.

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How IP Ownership Can Impact a Transaction

Mark Nashman | Clarity Systems

A few years ago I went through a comprehensive process before selling my company to a large strategic buyer. Here are a few key lessons I learned on IP ownership.

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Selling the Family Business

Bruno Vassel IV

Since the most important thing to us was to maintain good feelings within the family, it helped to have a banker who had experience helping parties with potentially difficult internal conversations.

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Building the Acquisition Dream Team

Steve Castro-Miller | Bold Software

We built and grew Bold Software with a thought that someday we might want to say yes to an acquisition. We made several decisions to be ready.

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