Why You Should Hire an Advisor Even When You Receive Inbound Interest

Nancy Peterson | HomeStars

Hiring an advisor to help us with the M&A process was the best decision I made in selling the company I had built for 11 years.

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Why Negotiation Matters

Dan Hoffman | M5 Networks

When the time came to sell, my CFO, co-founder and I all believed that the top few negotiators are many times better than the rest. What did I learn?

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How Do I Negotiate with Investors?

Stan Christensen | Arbor Advisors

In negotiation, people act on their own incentives. It should then be no surprise that some investors are self-interested when dealing with entrepreneurs.

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How Do I Maximize Valuation?

Stan Christensen | Arbor Advisors

One frequent question we get from entrepreneurs is, “What is my company worth?” Our response? “What someone’s willing to pay for it.”

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The Clarity Story: Getting a Premium Valuation for a Software and Services Company

Frank Pizzolato | Clarity Systems

We started the process believing that we would divest a portion of our equity to a private equity firm, but the final outcome was a strategic sale.

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More Buyers Means More Leverage

Ashif Mawji | Upside Software

How you approach the market when selling a business is both an art and science. The help of an investment banker will improve your chances for success.

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Negotiating the Working Capital Settlement

Gary Deutsch | M5 Networks

Far and away the biggest “negotiation within the negotiation” is the settlement of working capital. I’ve done deals where two main methods were utilized.

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