Optimizing SaaS Company Valuations

Ben Laufer | Arbor Advisors

One of the questions I am asked most is, “What is my company worth?” Here are some factors that impact valuations for SaaS companies.

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The Advantages of Running a Non-Exclusive Process

Bill Evick | Aptexx

Eighteen months before we sold the company, we received an offer from the eventual acquirer. We were initially tempted by the offer, but decided to hire a bank.

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How Do I Maximize Valuation?

Stan Christensen | Arbor Advisors

One frequent question we get from entrepreneurs is, “What is my company worth?” Our response? “What someone’s willing to pay for it.”

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How Much is My Company Worth?

Norman Fong | TechBargains

Throughout the history of TechBargains, my brother and I, like many entrepreneurs, would frequently ask ourselves what someone would pay for our company if we decided to sell.

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