Why You Should Hire an Advisor Even When You Receive Inbound Interest

Nancy Peterson | HomeStars

Hiring an advisor to help us with the M&A process was the best decision I made in selling the company I had built for 11 years.

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Things I Wish I Knew Prior to Selling

Cory Janssen | Investopedia

I’ve had many conversations with entrepreneurs on the subject of selling: How’d you do it? Where’d you start? Would you do it again?

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Hiring a Banker vs. Running a Process Yourself

Omer Atesmen | Clean Energy Experts

We knew who the likely acquirers were, and already had relationships with them, we thought long and hard about whether to hire a banker or to just run the process ourselves.

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Industry Specialist vs. Process Specialist

Cory Wagner

We elected to hire a process specialist rather than an industry specialist. Most banks were all just selling introductions and relationships. Arbor was the only bank that had a differentiated approach to selling companies.

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How Do I Choose a Negotiation Advisor?

Stan Christensen | Arbor Advisors

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to raise capital or sell a company to a strategic acquirer, it’s important to consider the role of negotiation in the transaction.

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Choose an Advisor with Deep Understanding of Technology

Gerald Blackie | Kaseya

A concern for us when we started to think about initiating a transaction process was to find the bank that would be best able to understand our technology.

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The Importance of Senior Level Attention

Paul Hill | Clarity Systems

Hiring a senior banker who can articulate the benefits of an acquisition to each buyer will ultimately result in a more attractive outcome.

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Why the Standard Banking Process Doesn’t Work For Mid-Market Growth Companies

Peter Kirwan | CSO

We wanted to find a bank that was “right sized” for our business. Specifically, we wanted to find a banking partner who focused on companies our size—someone who would see us as a priority in their own pipeline.

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Choose A Banker That Values Your Culture

Scott Jens | RevolutionEHR

As a company prepares for a sale of its business, the banker must understand the importance of the preservation of the culture.

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Choose the Bank, Not the Brand

Paul Hill | Clarity Systems

When we were looking to take Clarity systems to market, it was important for us to pick a banker who could drive maximize the outcome of the transaction.

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