Operational Experience

Arbor's founders ran and managed private companies in the high-tech industry. In the process of raising capital or selling their companies, both founders used investment banks and were frustrated with the deal structure. It did not seem as if the investment bankers had added any value to the transaction. The founders started Arbor hoping to provide a sale process better tailored to entrepreneur-led businesses.

This operational background lends well to Arbor's culture, which emphasizes deep and direct engagement with our clients, and a flexible and resourceful approach to completing transactions. Each of our client relationships starts with a deep analysis of the company's operations prior to putting together analytics and marketing materials.

Negotiation Advice

The negotiations involved in raising capital or selling a company are rarely simple in nature. There are generally many distinct negotiations that we engage in on behalf of our clients, including internal negotiations that may involve founders, management and investors; third party negotiations including contracts with key clients or suppliers; and multi-party negotiations with prospective partners or acquirers. Arbor uses specific methodologies developed at The Harvard Negotiation Project to produce superior results.

Click here for Stan Christensen's speech on "The Art of Negotiation" at Stanford University.

Senior Level Attention

From kick-off to closing, all Arbor clients receive the partner-level attention that other firms usually reserve only for their largest clients. We firmly believe that there is no substitute for experience. Every client we represent can count on prioritized attention until the transaction is closed. We have structured our firm uniquely to serve middle market companies, and our approach is tailored to these companies' needs.

Deal Structuring

Arbor has demonstrated a unique ability to creatively structure transactions to meet the specific needs of our clients. We pursue multiple deal types and structures in parallel to insure that ultimately the client is able to pick the most attractive deal from a menu of options. Arbor's track record speaks to our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients, and we have a variety of case studies that illustrate examples of our creative approach to deal structuring.

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